Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression

The 2014 World Humanist Congress, gathered in Oxford, UK, on 8-10 August 2014, adopted the following declaration on freedom of thought and expression.

Read it here.

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  • 16 October 2014

    The Commission has published (October 8) the 2014 progress reports of all EU candidate and potential candidate countries. Yet whilst the reports focus extensively on the areas of civil rights, political freedoms, LGBT rights and gender equality, the situation for non-believers in these countries has been ignored. 

    • 9 October 2014

      Bishops meeting in Rome for the extraordinary synod on the family are failing to provide what Catholics from across the globe are demanding on the issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights, namely, change. 

      • 8 October 2014

        In a case brought by EHF Executive Board member Panayote Dimitras, the European Court of Human Rights has once again ruled against Greece for asking participants in court cases to state their religion when taking an oath.

        • 2 October 2014

          On 30 September and 1st October, EHF and CAL (BE) attended the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of the OSCE in Warsaw. This meeting was the opportunity to discuss Human rights challenges in Europe with OSCE Member States and more specifically to address issues related to Freedom of Religion or Beliefs (...)

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